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Uped this pos of a site, :P  -Oddball
On this site, I will have sprites up and running for you to use, and comics of my own.  And, if you send them to me, i will post your sprites an comics!
Well, theres my email, so, get out there and work, and ill put it on here for the world to see.  For awhile this site will mostly be sprites, and some crappy comics of my own.  But after some time, it will feature yours, and some of my betters.  LOL.
Well, I'll got to workin, and you can send things to me whenever you want, I'll post them asap.

What's New?

Here I'll add whatever I've updated. 
10-23-04**Added Forums**
10-23-04**Added sprites pages 1-5**
10-23-04**Added first comic.  Blazing Trails #1**
10-24-04**Added sprite pages 6-7**
10-24-04**Added second comic. Blazing Trails #2**
10-24-04**Added another background**
11-11-04**Added another comic**
12-19-04**Added two comics of friends comic  Emeralds Adventure**


Wanna be linked to my site?  Well, send your link to my email, and I'll pop it on here.
My cousins site... not sprites... but still kool.
This is another good sprite page.  Its da spriters resource.. just no button.. :(

Or teh forums of the site ate


A cool Sprite page can be found here. is my kirby site!! Some sprites and stuff there.